About Retirement Transitions

About: Retirement Transitions

Retirement Transitions is a private insurance agency located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our agency offers plans from top insurance companies in multiple states – Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and more.

Retirement Transitions developed a new program to allow individuals to smoothly transition into retirement. Our program offers individuals a way to retire with clarity through education, options, and reliable services.

Our program saves individuals hundreds of dollars a year by lowering insurance premiums and maintaining excellent coverage..

Dan Owens started Retirement Transitions with the focus of saving seniors money on their Medicare supplemental plans. At least once a year, discuss review your options with our senior insurance advisors.

About Retirement Transitions Medicare Insurance Services

Our knowledge and experience in the Medicare insurance industry has made us rethink how seniors buy Medicare Supplement Insurance policies.  Medicare insurance beneficiaries have been subject to insurance agents showing-up at their doorsteps, mass spam in their emails, fraud, etc.  Retirement Transitions is in business to change that.  We’re transforming the way seniors view and purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Retirement Transitions wants you to save money! Not spend more.  We aren’t your typical health insurance agency. Retirement Transitions is an advocate for seniors.  We don’t like spam, pushy sales people, and poor customer service either. Call us to compare Medigap Plans and rates available in your area.   We are the open and honest Medicare Supplement Insurance agency.

Give us a call so we can help you find best Medicare Supplement plan at the lowest price.
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Why Retirement Transitions?

Retirement Transitions was started to help seniors access Medicare supplement insurance rates.  We feel like the insurance industry is unfairly targeting seniors and selling them plans that aren’t suitable for their health insurance needs.  Retirement Transitions is appointed with multiple Medigap insurance companies to provide seniors with more options.  It’s in your best interest to view more options and see more rates to get the best Medicare supplement plan available at the lowest price.

We found that seniors are being bothered by, what we feel, are unethical Medigap marketing tactics.  Insurance agents are calling, emailing, and showing-up uninvited to doorsteps invading peoples personal space.  This is why we are in business to be advocates for seniors looking for Medicare supplement insurance.

Get the facts. Buying Medicare supplement insurance doesn’t have to be so stressful or frustrating.  Selecting a Medicare supplement insurance policy is a very important decision.  That’s why we properly educate our customers, show them all their options, and help them easily apply.

We developed an online Medigap Insurance Exchange that puts seniors in the driver seat to select a plan that fits their health insurance needs at a low price.  Other online websites require seniors to enter their information, but do not give the Medigap quotes.  They then give your information to their agents to mass call and email you, which is annoying!  This is wrong and we won’t do it to you.

Our customers are happy being able to lean on us to answer any question they have.  They are able to access multiple Medicare supplement quotes and see their personal Medigap rates.

Retirement Transitions service starts before your decision to enroll into a Medigap plan and continues long after.  Aforementioned, we are based in Lincoln Nebraska and we care about how seniors are purchasing Medicare supplement insurance across the state of Nebraska, Iowa, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

Call One of our Medigap insurance specialist and find out the quality of service you receive and how we value you and your needs.  We are continually looking to improve how seniors buy Medicare supplement insurance and the marketing tactics provided aren’t a nuisance.  This is why you should start comparing Medicare supplement plans and rates on our Medigap Insurance Exchange.  Let’s simplify how you shop for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Dan Owens

About Retirement Transitions Medicare Solutions Management

3 Step Process


The first step in our process is to make sure companies and individuals are informed with: The Basics of Medicare, Available Plans (Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Prescription Drug Plans), Election Periods (initial enrollment period, annual enrollment period, open enrollment period, etc.), and healthcare changes.


After being properly educated, you gain access to unbiased quotes from the leading national companies. An analysis of the cost to benefit ratio is prepared and presented by a compensation neutral benefit advisor. Call or contact us through our online portal to evaluate your options frequently.


Our benefit advisors gather the appropriate paperwork to guide individuals through the Medicare Election Process. Enrollment in Medical insurance, Prescription Drug, and Dental & Vision is completed with the help of a licensed, trained, and certified benefit advisor.

We Offer:

  • Convenient Access to Resources and Knowledge
  • Unbiased Health Insurance Exchange
  • Service at no cost to the company
  • Experienced Benefit Advisors
  • Medicare Expertise
  • Professional Service
  • Medicare Advantage Plans MA & MAPD
  • Medicare Supplement Plans A-N (Medigap)
  • Prescription Drug Plans
  • Dental & Vision
  • Group Retiree Plans
  • Individual Plans

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About Retirement Transitions Medicare Supplemental Insurance Agency

We’re here to simplify the Medicare Process

Retirement Transitions
Learn about Medicare insurance and compare Medicare supplement insurance plans from multiple Medigap Companies. Instantly view health insurance quotes and apply online.

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