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Individual Health Insurance Plans

Our website allows individuals to shop for real-time Medicare supplement quotes from the Midwest’s leading health insurance carriers.

Shopping for a Medicare supplemental (Medigap) insurance policy can be frustrating and difficult to receive a straight answer.

Find online Medicare Supplement insurance quotes available in your area.  We specialize in Medicare insurance supplements because they provide comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.  Receive Medicare supplement quotes instantly without using a sales agent.

Why use us?

  • Learn about Medicare
  • Learn about Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Plans Available
  • Learn about Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Compare Medigap Rates Online
  • Multiple Major Insurance Companies
  • Start the Enrollment Process
  • Excellent Service
  • No Pushy Salespeople
  • Our Services are Free
  • Cancer plans are also available.

Sign up for a free account.  Why?  It’s a concierge service for our customers to receive the best service possible. We also help inform businesses how we help employees leaving group insurance for Medicare.

  • Upload documents to Retirement Transitions
  • Download important documents you request
  • Request a phone call from a specialist
  • Keep track of prescription drugs.  You can instantly upload the list to a specialist (optional) to have us find you a plan, pharmacy, or generics available.
  • Receive guidance on getting “Extra Help” for prescription drug costs, Medicaid, low-income subsidy, etc.
  • Whatever you need, will be of instant access in the free and secured portal account.
  • Receive a personalized username and password that only YOU know.

Compare Medigap Insurance Rates Online or Call a Medicare Supplement Plan Specialist at (402) 805-4626

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