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Medicare Supplement Plan G | Medigap Plan G | Insurance Coverage and Details

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Medicare Supplemental Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G is commonly known for having the best value of the Medicare Supplemental Plans. Medicare Plan G is similar to the comprehensive Plan F coverage. The only difference between the two plans is Plan G does not pay the annual Medicare Part B deductible of $233. Plan G has lower monthly prices. This Medigap plan helps save seniors hundreds of dollars a year.

Medicare Supplemental Plan G covers the 20% coinsurance left by Medicare, after the $233 deductible is metMedicare Supplemental Plan G also covers the Medicare Part A deducible. Covers 100% of Excess Charges. Covers Skilled Nursing Facility coinsurance. Foreign Travel. And other covers gaps left by Medicare.

Medicare Plan G protects you nation wide. The plan travels with you across the United States. Plan G allows you to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. Medicare Plan G is easy to manage. There’s no need for you to submit paperwork for your claims. Your medical insurance claims are automatically filed.  There’s little to no expenses that are out of your pocket.

Purchase a Medicare Plan G policy in your area and protect yourself from being overrun with hospital and medical bills.

Medicare Plan G Coverage and Quotes

Medicare Supplement Plan G is more affordable you are responsible for the Part B deductible. We have found that the average cost difference between the “G” Plan and “F” is around $20-$30 every month. Even with the $233 Part B deductible, you’re going to save roughly $240-$360 per year.  You will save on Medicare supplemental costs by enrolling into Medigap Plan G.

Find out if Medigap Plan G is the best value plan for you. Take the annual premium difference between the comprehensive Plan F and Plan G and subtract the 2022 Part B deductible of $233. If you have a positive number, Medigap Plan G will provide comprehensive coverage at a better price than Plan F.

Medicare Supplement Plan G cost of premiums vary from company to company. The benefits stay the same from though. Finding the lowest-priced Medicare Supplemental plan is easily done. Comparing Medicare Plan G prices with multiple insurance companies is the best way to get the most affordable Medigap plan.

Get your Free Medicare Supplement Plan G Quotes and compare prices from multiple supplemental insurance companies online or call 402-805-4626. A licensed and unbiased Medigap insurance specialist will help answer questions you may have about Medigap Plan G. Get the best valued quotes and the most benefits of coverage.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of benefits Medicare Plan G covers. Below is a simple side-by-side comparison of plans at the bottom of the page. Find the best Medigap plan that meets your needs. Then call us for costs.

Medigap Plan G Coverage with Medicare Part A

Medicare (Part A) – Hospital Services – Per Benefit Period

*A benefit period begins on the first day you receive services as an inpatient in a hospital and ends after you have been out of the hospital and haven’t received skilled care in any other facility for 60 days in a row.
Hospital* Coverage with Medigap Plan G
Semiprivate room and board, general
nursing and miscellaneous services and supplies.
Services Medicare Pays Plan G Pays You Pay
First 60 Days All but $1,484 $1,484
Part A Deductible
61st thru 90th Day All but $371 a Day $371 a Day $0
91st Day and After
-While Using 60 Lifetime Reserve Days
All but $742 a Day $742 a Day $0
-Once Lifetime Reserve Days are Used:
Additional 365 Days:
$0 100% of Medicare Eligible Expenses $0**
-Beyond the 365 Days $0 $0 All costs
Skilled Nursing Facility Care* with Medicare Supplemental Plan G
You must meet Medicare’s requirements, including been in a hospital for at least 3 days and entered a Medicare-approved facility within 30 days after leaving the hospital
Services Medicare Pays Plan G Pays You Pay
First 20 Days All Approved Amounts $0 $0
21st thru 100th Day All but $185.50 a Day Up to $185.50 a Day $0
101st Day and After $0 $0 All costs
Services Medicare Pays Plan G Pays You Pay
First 3 Pints $0 3 Pints $0
Additional Amounts 100% $0 $0
Hospice Care:
Services Medicare Pays Plan G Pays You Pay
You must meet the Medicare requirements, including a doctors certification for illness. All but a very limited copay/coinsurance for outpatient drugs and inpatient respite care. Medicare copay/coinsurance $0
** Notice: When your Medicare Part A hospital benefits of coverage are exhausted, the insurer stands in the place of Medicare and will pay whatever amount Medicare would have paid for up to 365 days as provided in the Medigap policy’s “Core Benefits.” During this time the hospital is prohibited from billing you for the balance based on any difference between its billed charges and the amount Medicare would have paid.

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Medicare Supplemental Plan G | Medicare Part B
Medicare (Part B) – Medical Services – Per Calendar Year
*Once you’ve been billed $233 of Medicare-approved amounts for covered services (noted by asterisk), your Medicare Part B deductible will have been met for the calendar year.
Medical Expenses with Plan G
In or Out of the Hospital and Outpatient Hospital Treatment, such as physician’s services, inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical services and supplies, physical therapy, speech therapy, diagnostic test, durable medical equipment
Services Medicare Pays Plan G Pays You Pay
First $233 of Medicare-Approved amounts* $0 $0 $233 Part B Deductible
Remainder of Medicare-Approved
Generally 80% Coinsurance Generally 20% Coinsurance $0
Part B Excess Charges | Plan G
Services Medicare Pays Plan G Pays You Pay
Above Medicare-Approved Amounts $0 100% $0
Blood | Part B | Plan G
Services Medicare Pays Plan G Pays You Pay
First 3 Pints $0 All Costs $0
Next $233 of Medicare-Approved
$0 $0 [$233] Part B Deductible
Remainder of Medicare-Approved
80% Coinsurance 20% Coinsurance $0
Clinical Laboratory Services with Medicare Plan G
Services Medicare Pays Plan Pays You Pay
Tests for Diagnostic Services 100% $0 $0

Medigap Plan G with Medicare Part A & B

Home Health Care with Plan G
Approved Services,
Services Medicare Pays Plan Pays You Pay
Medically necessary skilled
care services and medical supplies
100% $0 $0
Durable Medical Equipment
-First $233 of Medicare Approved
$0 [$0]
Part B Deductible
$233 Part B Annual Deductible
Remainder of Medicare
Approved Amounts
80% Coinsurance 20% Coinsurance $0

Plan G | Other Benefits Not Covered by Medicare
Foreign Travel and Plan G
Not Covered By Medicare: Medically necessary emergency care services beginning during the first 60 days of each trip outside the USA
Services Medicare Pays Plan Pays You Pay
First $250 Each
Calendar Year
$0 $0 $250
Remainder of Charges $0 80% Coinsurance to a lifetime
maximum benefit of $50,000
20% and amounts over the $50,000
lifetime maximum

Your Plan G coverage for Medicare Part B Services and Supplies: 20% of Medicare-approved expenses or, in the case of hospital outpatient department services under a prospective payment system, applicable co-payments (after $233 deductible is met in the calendar year).

Medicare Supplement Plan G, Medigap Policy Comparison Chart

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