Bellevue, NE Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

Bellevue Nebraska Medicare Supplement Insurance Coverage and NE Medigap Quotes Comparison

Bellevue Nebraska – Learning about Nebraska Medicare Supplement Plans in Bellevue is an excellent way to get the most out of your Medicare Supplement Insurance. Protect yourself by gathering information and researching what plans are available in Bellevue, NE.  First, you need to understand that “Nebraska Medicare Supplement Insurance” is also called “Nebraska Medigap Insurance” to clear any confusion.

Medicare is for seniors who are 65 and older. In some cases, for individuals who are disabled, or have ‘End Stage Renal Disease’ (ESRD). Medicare doesn’t provide comprehensive insurance coverage. There are gaps in Medicare’s health insurance such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copay’s. This is why we refer to supplemental insurance as Nebraska Medigap. The gaps in coverage is the reason people purchase Nebraska Medicare Supplements in Bellevue.

Brief Overview:

What is Medicare?

Medicare Part A – provides hospital insurance coverage.

Medicare Part B – provides medical insurance coverage. The standard insurance premium for Part B is $144.60. This amount is generally deducted from your Social Security check each month. The 2020 Medicare Part B deductible is $198. Once the Part B insurance deductible is met, your coinsurance is usually 20% of the cost.

Medicare Part C – is offered by private insurance companies. Part C is Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage Plans in Nebraska often included Part D prescription drug coverage. Visit to learn more about Part C plans.

Part D – is your prescription drug insurance coverage. Part D is offered through private insurance companies. Even if you’ don’t take any prescriptions, it’s smart to enroll into a Part D plan to avoid late enrollment penalties.

To elect your Medicare Insurance benefits Part A and Part B, contact your local (located in Omaha) U. S. Social Security Administration Office:

Old Mill Centre
Omaha, NE 68124

Bellevue residents can apply online for Medicare Insurance coverage on the Social Security website for Medicare Benefits.

What Type of Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan Do I Need?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans in Bellevue, NE provides coverage to fill the gaps of Medicare. Medigap policies are designed by Medicare, so the plans are standardized between insurance companies. Each plan must have the exact same benefits from one carrier to the next. The main difference is the price the insurance company charges for the plan.

When comparing Nebraska Medicare Supplement companies who offer Medigap plans in Bellevue, NE there’s no reason to pay more money for a certain company over another. ‘Bellevue’ residents should compare multiple Nebraska Medicare Supplement Insurance Quotes to find the lowest rates. Again, the coverage for each specific Nebraska Medigap Plan is exactly the same across companies.

Compare Nebraska Medigap Rates

Shopping for Medicare supplement plans for coverage in Bellevue? We can help. Just call us because calling multiple insurance companies is a hassle and a waste of your time.

Instead of dealing with insurance companies, consider running a Nebraska Medicare Supplement quote online. You can compare Nebraska Medigap rates from several top carriers instantly. View your different options in Bellevue and get your health insurance quotes.

Avoid being overrun by multiple health insurance agents contacting you. We don’t like sales people invading our personal space either.

If you prefer to talk to one of Retirement Transitions’ Nebraska Medicare Specialist over the phone, call 402-805-4626 or 1-855-594-0237. A Specialist will guide you every step of the way. Call 1-855-594-0237 to make an appointment in Bellevue, NE that’s convenient for you.

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