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Retirement Transitions helps Financial Advisors, Insurance Agencies, and Wealth Management Firms who have clients that need help with Medicare

Retirement Transitions helps your clients step-by-step through the Medicare process.  We will help your clients save money on their health insurance costs.  This gives your clients more opportunities to invest in the products you offer.  A win win situation for everybody.

Offering these types of services ensures your clients are happy and don’t go elsewhere.  Partnering with Retirement Transitions will give your clients another reason to refer their friends to you or your agency.

Financial Advisors and Insurance Agencies across Nebraska have taken advantage of this value added service we provide.  Don’t fall behind your competition and contact us now.

Our Medicare services are 100% FREE to each Financial Advisor and Agency.

For Employers/Businesses Medicare Solutions Management

We help your Medicare eligible employees with their Medicare health insurance needs.  Signing up will allow you upload information, communicate digitally, and constantly evaluate through a secured custom built portal.  Send and receive files and information instantly through our portal helps your business run more efficient.

We will answer questions employees may  have about their health insurance options.  We setup a custom branded portal to send your employees to gather information, digitally communicate, and view their options instantly.

We’re in business to make it easier to save money while providing better benefits to employees.

Contact us today.