Medicare Supplemental: Plan F Insurance Information

Medicare Supplemental Insurance: Plan F Insurance Information

Commonly asked questions about Medicare supplemental Plan F insurance benefits and insurance premiums.  Let this be a guidance to a happy retirement.

What is Medicare Supplemental Plan F Insurance?

Private insurance carriers offer supplemental coverage, such as Plan F, to Medicare beneficiaries who have Medicare Part A and Part B.  A supplemental policy from a private health insurance company will pay after Original Medicare pays the provider.

A Medicare Supplemental Plan F is the most comprehensive insurance coverage a Medicare beneficiary can buy. There are other types of Medigap plans, such as Medicare Supplemental Plan G.  Plan F has been the most popular we’ve seen, until recently. People are changing from Plan F to Plan G because they are saving money and preparing for the future.

You have to be 65 years or older and have Medicare Part A and Part B to enroll into a Medicare Supplement Plan F.

Supplemental Plan F consists of insurance premiums after you enroll.  Most people pay monthly for their health insurance premium and have it automatically deducted from a checking account.   You pay your supplemental insurance premiums, so the Plan F will cover your Original Medicare’s health insurance deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and excess.

Where can I purchase a Medicare Supplemental Plan F Insurance Policy?

You’re on the correct page to purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan F insurance policy.  Retirement Transitions is based in Lincoln, NE and serves the entire country.

Retirement Transitions is appointed by the nations leading supplemental insurance carriers.  Our goal is to make it easier for you to find, view, and enroll into Medicare supplemental insurance plans.

Who has the best Medicare Supplemental Plan F Insurance Policy?

This is a question we get asked a lot.  Medicare Supplemental insurance policies are standardized by the Centers for Medicare, also known as CMS.  I’ve heard people say they have the best Medicare supplemental policy because they went with a certain company.

I’ve heard agents and advisors tell people that their company has the best Medicare supplemental insurance policies.  The fact is, there isn’t a “best” Medicare supplemental insurance policy.  Since Medicare supplement plans are standardized, they have to have the same benefits from one company to the next.

A Medicare supplemental Plan F is the same from one insurance carrier to the next.  The difference between each company is the insurance premium you’re paying for your supplemental insurance.

Since Medicare supplemental insurance plans are standardized and the difference is in the price;  How do I find out who has the lowest priced Medicare supplemental insurance Plan F?

Lately you’ve heard a lot about health insurance exchanges.  Retirement Transitions has developed a quote engine that instantly generates Medicare supplemental Plan F insurance quotes for you.  Getting supplemental insurance  prices is no longer difficult.  Use to be, you would have to call each insurance carrier or agent around asking what their Medicare supplemental insurance premiums are.

How do you know you were quoted the cheapest priced supplemental plan?
You don’t.  Use the Retirement Quote engine to instantly compare what you were quoted.  View Medicare supplemental insurance Plan F quotes from the nations leading companies.  For example, Find a Medicare supplemental insurance plan for a 65 female in Lincoln NE.  The 65 female in Lincoln NE would be able to instantly view rates from numerous carriers and highlighted in red the lowest rate for her Medicare supplemental plan F insurance.  If she is happy, she can select enroll and go through the pre-approval process.

What if you aren’t comfortable putting your information on the internet?

Simply call 1-855-594-0237.  A licensed and certified advisor will take your call.  They will be able to thoroughly answer any questions you may have about Medicare, Medicare supplemental insurance, and the companies we represent.  You may ask for quotes over the phone without having to deal with a pushy sales person.  Our advisors want you to take your time and only provide guidance when you ask for it, so you can make a comfortable and confident decision about your Medicare supplemental insurance options.

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