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How To Sign Up For Medicare

How Do I Sign Up For Medicare? Learn How to Apply for Medicare, Part A and Part B Benefits. Social Security is the branch individuals go through to apply for Medicare insurance benefits, Part A and Part B. Here's a few ways to contact Social Security to sign up for Medicare ... Read more

The Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

What is the best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan? There are 10 Medicare Supplement Plans available.  It's important to choose affordable supplemental coverage and meets your needs.  Medicare is always changing.  Staying up-to-date on the changes helps determine which insurance plan will best supplement Medicare coverage. Now and in the future. What Medicare Supplement Plan ... Read more
Turning 65 2015 Steps Simplify Medicare

Steps: Turning 65 in 2015 for Medicare

First, happy birthday to all of you turning 65 in 2015.  This is not just another birthday for you.  Turning 65 is a very important birthday because you are now eligible for Medicare.  There is going to be a lot of information thrown at you.  Follow these basic steps ... Read more

Compare Medicare Supplement Quotes

Looking for a website that allows you to compare Medicare Supplement quotes online? Our free Medicare Supplemental quote engine allows you to compare rates from top insurance companies. Why Compare Medicare Supplement Quotes There are several reasons people compare how much Medicare Supplement plans costs. The main reasons people compare quotes include:  ... Read more
2015 Medicare Part A Cost

2015 Medicare Part A Cost

The 2015 Medicare Part A cost has changed from 2014. It is not a substantial change in cost for the Part A benefits in 2015 from 2014 Part A costs. Medicare Part A Premium Cost in 2015 Most people won't pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part A in 2015. Individuals who ... Read more
2014 Prescription Drug Coverage Annual Enrollment Period

Annual Enrollment Period Prescription Drug Coverage

Prepare yourself for the upcoming 2014 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Learn what AEP means pertaining to your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Reviewing your drug coverage can save you a lot of money.  Find what changes you can make and how to find a Part D insurance. Annual Enrollment Period and ... Read more

2014 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

Prepare yourself this year for the 2014 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).  Learning about the changes in coverage and plans available for the 2015 year will benefit you.  Find when the 2014 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is and learn about what you need to do this year for your ... Read more

Is Chiropractic Covered by Medicare?

Medicare Chiropractic Coverage Is chiropractic covered by Medicare? Learn about Medicare coverage for chiropractic care in your state. Medicare coverage for visits to the Chiropractor A great place to check your Medicare benefits is in the "Medicare & You" handbook that's delivered annually. In the 2016 handbook, individuals can find whether Chiropractic ... Read more

Company Now Offers Medigap Plan G in Nebraska

Find which company now offers Medigap Plan G in Nebraska In 2016 Retirement Transitions was notified that a large Medigap insurance company is now offering Medicare Plan G in Nebraska.  Medicare supplement insurance plans are standardized.  Plan G is the same no matter which company you choose.  The difference is the price you ... Read more

New Supplemental Options with Continental Life (Aetna)

Introducing Continental Life Insurance Company Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies Everybody knows about Aetna and Aetna's senior health insurance products.  In Nebraska, Aetna Medicare supplemental insurance policies were underwritten by American Continental Life Insurance Company.  In other states, such as Iowa and Maryland, Aetna supplemental policies are underwritten by Continental Life ... Read more

Find A Trustworthy Medicare Insurance Agent

The Problem with Medicare Insurance Agents The insurance industry is overpopulated with greedy, sell first listen second agents.  Most agents aren't interested in your story, needs, or budget.  They want you to sign on the dotted-line so they "earn" their commission. Medicare is complex with multiple options to choose from.  Signing ... Read more
Why the Government Dislikes Plan F

Who dislikes Plan F? The future of Medigap Coverage

Who wouldn't like Plan F insurance coverage? Individuals who're receiving Medicare benefits look to private insurance companies to fill the gaps of Medicare, called "Medigap Insurance," also known as Medicare Supplemental Insurance. The popular Plan F isn't liked by everybody, including the government.  What could this mean for the future ... Read more

Maryland Medicare Supplemental Insurance Quotes

Shop for Medicare Supplemental Insurance Quotes in the state of Maryland Need help finding Medicare Supplement plans in Maryland?  Learn about Medicare Supplemental plans available, compare options, choose an insurance company, and easily enroll.  We save seniors money on their insurance cost. Brief History of Retirement Transitions Retirement Transitions was started by ... Read more

Find Affordable Medicare Insurance in Nebraska

How-to Find the Most Affordable Medicare Insurance in the state of Nebraska This article is for readers who're on Medicare and trying to lower insurance cost.  The thought of running out of money during retirement is scary.  That's why getting the most affordable Medicare insurance plan with excellent benefits is ... Read more

The Best Nebraska Medicare Insurance Agents

Introducing Nebraska Medicare Insurance Agents I would like to introduce myself...My name is Dan Owens.  I’m an independent health insurance agent in Lincoln Nebraska.  I have specialized in Medicare Insurance solutions for the past 11 years. I’m sorry if you have probably been bombarded with phone calls and mailings trying to ... Read more

Omaha Nebraska Medicare Supplement Prices: Plan F

See the Best Omaha Nebraska Medicare Supplement Prices and find Your Medigap Insurance Plan F Rate Getting Medicare supplement prices in Omaha, NE can be confusing if you aren't sure what you're looking for.  See the best Medigap rates for Plan F below.  We compiled the table by running a ... Read more

Lincoln Nebraska Medicare Supplement Prices: Plan F

See Medigap Plan F rates in Lincoln Nebraska and find the best Medicare Supplement Price If you're turning 65 or 65 and older and live in Lincoln Nebraska, this post is very important.  Paying too much for a Medicare supplement plan is not uncommon.  Individuals make the mistake of only ... Read more

Combat Nebraska Medigap Rate Increases in 2014

How-to combat Medigap Insurance rate increases in 2014 Retirement Transitions has the tools to help you lower your Medicare supplement insurance costs while keeping the exact same coverage. You can go online to Retirement Transitions and run a Medicare supplement insurance quote. Use our online Medicare supplement quote engine.  It ... Read more

Lower Nebraska Medigap Plan F Rates in 4 Steps

4 Steps to Lower Nebraska Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) Plan F Rates If you're turning 65, new to Medicare, or over 65 and looking for a Nebraska Medicare Supplement plan, this is a must-read article for you.  Lowering your Plan F health insurance cost during retirement is easier than you ... Read more
Medicare Insurance Coverage Information

2014 Medicare Information

2014 Medicare Insurance Information Guide What is Medicare? Original Medicare is health insurance coverage that's managed by the federal government. Medicare services: Medicare is a medical health insurance plan which was established by Congress in 1965. Those who have paid 10 years of security taxes can take Medicare at the age of ... Read more

Navigating the Medigap Insurance Exchange

Follow These Simple Steps to Help Navigate Retirement Transitions' Medigap Insurance Exchange Retirement Transitions developed a Medigap quote engine. Individuals are able to enter their information to instantly view Medigap plans and compare prices.  Gain access to multiple Medicare Supplement Insurance companies 2016 Plan G and F cost.  Our Medigap Insurance ... Read more

Lincoln NE Medicare Supplement Cost

Save Money by Comparing Lincoln NE Medicare Supplement Cost Comparing Nebraska Medigap rates from numerous insurance carriers has saved my clients a lot of money in Lincoln.  Don't waste your time calling each insurance company for a Medigap quote.  You may not be aware of all the the companies who ... Read more

Lower Medigap Rates Online

Compare and Lower Medigap Rates Online Have you ever entered information on a website and then received multiple but never saw your Medigap rates? Retirement Transitions offers Medicare Supplement insurance quotes online.  We believe that consumers should be comfortable when shopping for Medigap plans.  Decrease your supplemental insurance premium by ... Read more

Female Rates Cheaper for Supplement Insurance

Why are female rates cheaper than males for insurance premiums? A female's Medicare Supplement Insurance premium is less money than a males supplemental coverage because females are generally healthier and live longer.  Every insurance company Retirement Transitions is appointed with, a female has cheaper plan premiums for their Medicare Supplement ... Read more

Medicare Supplement Specialist Help Seniors

Retirement Transitions Licensed Medicare Supplement Plan Specialist Helps Seniors: Medicare Supplement specialist should show seniors all of their insurance options. Specialist should help seniors lower their monthly insurance premium. Specialists should help answer questions about Medicare Supplement plans, prices, coverage, and provide guidance. Help seniors enroll over the phone ... Read more

Multiple Companies Medicare Supplement Plans and Prices

Lower Your Monthly Supplemental Premium by Comparing Multiple Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Prices with the Same Coverage. You could save money by simply comparing Medicare Supplement Insurance plans online without changing coverage. Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans are standardized by regulators, which means that each plan must have the same ... Read more

Turning 65 and new to Medicare? Shop and Compare Supplemental Rates Without the Nuisance

Seniors New to Medicare and looking for a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan? You may have received a postcard from Retirement Transitions like the one shown.  Seniors who are turning 65 and new to Medicare receive tons of mail. Multiple phone calls. And possibly insurance agents showing up at your door. ... Read more

Online Medicare Supplement Prices and Plans

A Proprietary Website to Compare Medicare Supplement Prices and Plans Online. Why use Retirement Transitions Website? Receive Information about Medicare Supplement Plans in Nebraska Information about leaving Group Coverage Compare Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Rates to Save Money Receive Continued Support and Service Request a Local Medicare Supplement specialists for a face-to-face appointment Call Toll-Free to receive ... Read more

Medicare Supplemental: Plan F Insurance Information

Medicare Supplemental Insurance: Plan F Insurance Information Commonly asked questions about Medicare supplemental Plan F insurance benefits and insurance premiums.  Let this be a guidance to a happy retirement. What is Medicare Supplemental Plan F Insurance? Private insurance carriers offer supplemental coverage, such as Plan F, to Medicare beneficiaries who have Medicare ... Read more

Shop Nebraska Medicare Supplement Plans

The new way to shop for multiple Medicare Supplement insurance plans has arrived! An easier way to find the best Medigap Rates in Nebraska. Finding quotes for a Medicare supplement plan in Nebraska can be frustrating. Retirement Transitions developed an easy-to-use Medicare supplemental insurance quote engine. We've changed the way people ... Read more

Buy Medicare Supplement Insurance Online

Why buy a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan through the Retirement Transitions Online Website? Let's face it:  Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans can be downright confusing, rates difficult to access, websites hard to navigate, and insurance agents pushing products at you. Rest assure! With Retirement Transitions you get piece of mind of comprehensive ... Read more