Company Now Offers Medigap Plan G in Nebraska

Find which company now offers Medigap Plan G in Nebraska

In 2016 Retirement Transitions was notified that a large Medigap insurance company is now offering Medicare Plan G in Nebraska.  Medicare supplement insurance plans are standardized.  Plan G is the same no matter which company you choose.  The difference is the price you pay.view rates for the company that now offers medigap plan g in nebraska

What does this mean for Medicare beneficiaries in Nebraska?

Nebraska residents now have more choices in selecting a Medicare supplemental plan.  Medicare Plan G, although not as popular as Plan F, is considered by some as the “best valued Medigap plan.”

The biggest difference in coverage between Medicare Plan G and Plan F is the Part B deductible.  A Nebraska Plan F pays the Medicare Part B deductible while Plan G doesn’t.  The 2016 annual Part B deductible is $166.

Divide the Part B deductible by the number of months in a year (166\12 = 13.833) and add that to your Plan G’s premium.  Many of our clients find that Medicare Supplement Plan G is cheaper than Plan F.

Medicare beneficiaries in Nebraska now have more options to find their coverage.  The insurance company who’s now offering  Medicare supplemental Plan G has competitively priced plans.   To make it easier, there’s an  “eApp” available for Medicare beneficiaries in Nebraska to use to enroll online.


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