New Supplemental Options with Continental Life (Aetna)

Introducing Continental Life Insurance Company Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies

Everybody knows about Aetna and Aetna’s senior health insurance products.  In Nebraska, Aetna Medicare supplemental insurance policies were underwritten by American Continental Life Insurance Company.  In other states, such as Iowa and Maryland, Aetna supplemental policies are underwritten by Continental Life Insurance Company.

Retirement Transitions is newly appointed with Continental Life.  This is great for our company and also for our clients.  Continental Life’s (Aetna) Medicare supplemental insurance plans are competitively priced.  This means that seniors who ask us for a quote, will receive quotes from one more insurance company.  It’s likely that Continental will be in the top 3 Medigap health insurance quotes.

view rates Aetna Continental Life Medicare Supplement plans

Enrolling into a senior insurance product through Aetna, whether it’s with American Continental or Continental Life, is very simple.  Retirement Transitions is in Nebraska, but offers Medicare supplemental policies in Maryland and Iowa.  For example, if you’re interested in Continental Life’s Medigap plans and are ready to enroll, you have a couple options:

  1. Paper Application:  Through the mail
  2. Paper Application: Email or Fax.
  3. Electronic Link:  I, Dan Owens, will walk you step-by-step through the process online.

Aetna Medigap plans by Continental Life is available in the following states:


American Continental (Aetna)  is available in other states.  For example, if you’re searching for senior health insurance in Nebraska, American Continental is one of the top insurance plans in the state.

Benefits of enrolling into a Medicare supplemental policy through Aetna (Continental Life)

  • Large Company – helps reduce insurance premium rate increases.
  • Low cost health insurance plans with the exact same coverage.
  • Household discounts are available in certain states.
  • Fast payments to providers
  • 30-day free look


Medicare help and assistance from a Medigap supplemental insurance specialist

It doesn’t cost any extra money to use one of our Medicare supplemental insurance specialists or consultants.  Why not receive unbiased Medicare insurance support for free.

Continental Life by Aetna’s supplemental health insurance quotes are online.  If you need an insurance quote from Aetna, Continental Life, give us a call at our toll-free number or call (402) 805-4626.  We promise you won’t wait on hold to talk to a representative.


Retirement Transitions, Daniel Owens, and affiliated agents is not affiliated with American Continental Insurance Aetna (ACI), Aetna, or CLI.  Retirement Transitions is an independent insurance agency with independent agents licensed in AZ, IA, KS, MD, NE, OH, SD, TN and TX.




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