Find A Trustworthy Medicare Insurance Agent

The Problem with Medicare Insurance Agents

Find a Trustworthy Medicare Insurance AgentThe insurance industry is overpopulated with greedy, sell first listen second agents.  Most agents aren’t interested in your story, needs, or budget.  They want you to sign on the dotted-line so they “earn” their commission.

Medicare is complex with multiple options to choose from.  Signing the dotted-line before learning your options is like “Ready, Fire, Aim.”

How do you know who is a trustworthy Medicare insurance agent?

Medicare insurance agents should listen first, educate second, and enroll third.

Tell the agent your health insurance needs.  Be open and honest with your health history, budget, and concerns.

The Medicare specialist should now educate you on your insurance options. 

  1. Original Medicare
  2. Medigap Plans A-N
  3. Advantage Plans
  4. Part D Prescription Drug Plans


1.  Have your agent tell you about the different parts of Medicare, preventive services, the cost, and how-to elect your Part B benefits.

2.  Your specialist should now explain how Medicare Supplement insurance plans work.  They should walk you through the 10 different standardized plans.  If the agent represents only one insurance company, do NOT enroll before researching more companies.  The benefits are exactly the same in 47 states for each specific Medigap policy.  Make sure you view rates from at least 3 companies.  See our insurance companies.

3-4. Many insurance agents are not certified to offer or sell Prescription Drug Plans or Medicare Advantage plans.  Make sure the agent is capable of showing you these options.  Ask the person guiding you about Advantage Plans (Part C) and what’s available in your area.  If they don’t offer Part C plans, consider finding someone who does.

4.  Medicare insurance agents cannot legally ask what types of prescriptions you take.  My advice is to share them so the agent can help you find an affordable plan.   If the agent doesn’t show you a list of multiple insurance companies and the cost of each prescription from your favorite pharmacy, ask for it.   Don’t let any agent tell you that you don’t need Part D.  If an agent or specialist doesn’t show you all of your Part D options or says you don’t need Prescription Drug coverage, don’t trust them.


Retirement Transitions provides proven results for our clients.  We want to gain your trust and help you find the right plan that fits your needs.  Our services are free.  We promise you will be educated, comfortable, and happy working with us.  We value our Medicare clients more than a commission.   Call us now at (402) 805-4626.




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