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Turning 65 2015 Steps Simplify Medicare

Steps: Turning 65 in 2015 for Medicare

First, happy birthday to all of you turning 65 in 2015.  This is not just another birthday for you.  Turning 65 is a very important birthday because you are now eligible for Medicare.  There is going to be a lot of information thrown at you.  Follow these basic steps ... Read more
2015 Medicare Part A Cost

2015 Medicare Part A Cost

The 2015 Medicare Part A cost has changed from 2014. It is not a substantial change in cost for the Part A benefits in 2015 from 2014 Part A costs. Medicare Part A Premium Cost in 2015 Most people won't pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part A in 2015. Individuals who ... Read more
2014 Prescription Drug Coverage Annual Enrollment Period

Annual Enrollment Period Prescription Drug Coverage

Prepare yourself for the upcoming 2014 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Learn what AEP means pertaining to your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Reviewing your drug coverage can save you a lot of money.  Find what changes you can make and how to find a Part D insurance. Annual Enrollment Period and ... Read more

2014 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

Prepare yourself this year for the 2014 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).  Learning about the changes in coverage and plans available for the 2015 year will benefit you.  Find when the 2014 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is and learn about what you need to do this year for your ... Read more

Is Chiropractic Covered by Medicare?

Medicare Chiropractic Coverage Is chiropractic covered by Medicare? Learn about Medicare coverage for chiropractic care in your state. Medicare coverage for visits to the Chiropractor A great place to check your Medicare benefits is in the "Medicare & You" handbook that's delivered annually. In the 2016 handbook, individuals can find whether Chiropractic ... Read more

Find A Trustworthy Medicare Insurance Agent

The Problem with Medicare Insurance Agents The insurance industry is overpopulated with greedy, sell first listen second agents.  Most agents aren't interested in your story, needs, or budget.  They want you to sign on the dotted-line so they "earn" their commission. Medicare is complex with multiple options to choose from.  Signing ... Read more

Turning 65, Medicare, Working, What to do

Turning 65, New to Medicare, and Working, What Now? New to Medicare turning 65 and group insurance coverage.  Should you enroll into Medicare Part B or not? If you plan to stay on you or your spouses group health insurance plan when you turn 65, you may not need to elect ... Read more

How To Sign Up For Medicare

How Do I Sign Up For Medicare? Learn How to Apply for Medicare, Part A and Part B Benefits. Social Security is the branch individuals go through to apply for Medicare insurance benefits, Part A and Part B. Here's a few ways to contact Social Security to sign up for Medicare ... Read more
Medicare Insurance Coverage Information

2014 Medicare Information

2014 Medicare Insurance Information Guide What is Medicare? Original Medicare is health insurance coverage that's managed by the federal government. Medicare services: Medicare is a medical health insurance plan which was established by Congress in 1965. Those who have paid 10 years of security taxes can take Medicare at the age of ... Read more