2015 Medicare Part A Cost

2015 Medicare Part A CostThe 2015 Medicare Part A cost has changed from 2014. It is not a substantial change in cost for the Part A benefits in 2015 from 2014 Part A costs.

Medicare Part A Premium Cost in 2015

Most people won’t pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part A in 2015.

Individuals who had to pay a premium for Part A in 2014 paid $426 each month. The Medicare Part A premium costs in 2015 is $407 for individuals who paid a premium in 2014.  That is a reduction of $19 dollars a month.

Cost for Medicare Part A Inpatient Hospital Coverage in 2015

The costs for Part A hospital benefits have increased in 2015. In 2014, the inpatient hospital deductible was $1,216. The Part A deductible in 2015 is now $1,260.

After the deductible of $1,260 is met, the following copayments for inpatient hospital stay under Part A includes:

  • Days 1-60 inpatient hospital stay remains the same in the 2015 year at $0 (after the deductible is met)
  • Days 61-90 inpatient hospital costs in 2014 was $304 per day of each benefit period. In 2015, this amount increases to $315 per day.
  • Days 91 and beyond were $608 in 2014 per each “lifetime reserve day” after day 90 for each benefit period. This Part A benefit in 2015 increases to $630.

Skilled Nursing in 2015 Medicare Part A

  1. Days 1-20: $0 for each benefit period. This is the same as it was in 2014.
  2. Days 21-100: $157.50 copay per day of each benefit period. The 2014 skilled nursing cost for days 21-100 was $152 per day.
  3. Days 101 and after, you are responsible for all costs.

Remember, a 3 day inpatient hospital stay is required before your Medicare insurance and/or a Medicare Supplement plan will pay this benefit.

2015 Medicare Part A Home Health Care Cost

  • $0 cost for home health care services in 2015.
  • 20% for durable medical equipment in 2015.

Durable medical equipment and home health care costs in 2015 remained the same as it was in 2014 under Medicare Part A.

2015 Hospice Care Costs Under Part A

  • $0 for hospice care
  • Individuals may need to pay a copayment of no more than $5 for each prescription.
  • Individuals may need to pay 5% of the Medicare approved amount for inpatient respite care in 2015.


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