Find Affordable Medicare Insurance in Nebraska

How-to Find the Most Affordable Medicare Insurance in the state of Nebraska

This article is for readers who’re on Medicare and trying to lower insurance cost.  The thought of running out of money during retirement is scary.  That’s why getting the most affordable Medicare insurance plan with excellent benefits is so important.

First, which type of coverage are you looking for or currently have?  Medicare Supplemental? Prescription Drug Plans? Medicare Advantage Plans?  If you don’t know the difference, that’s just fine.  There’s a lot of information thrown at you when on Medicare. Keeping up with the changes is a full-time job.  If you need personal assistance, give us a call at 402-805-4626.

Looking for Affordable Medicare Supplement Insurance in Nebraska?

To clear any confusion, Medicare Supplement plans are also called “Medigap.” Medigap plans in Nebraska are offered by private insurance companies to help fill the gaps of original Medicare.

The cost of healthcare in Nebraska is rising, and so is the price of health insurance.  Thankfully, Medicare supplement plans are standardized.  Comparing their rates from multiple companies can save you thousands of dollars.  At Retirement Transitions, our goal is to help you pay less money while getting more coverage.

Calling each company for rates is a complete waste of your time.  Once you ask for Medicare insurance rates in your area, the insurance company will make you give them your information, then pass your information to multiple agents to call you.

Option 1. The easiest way to find the most affordable Medicare supplement insurance in Nebraska is online.

Instantly compare Medigap prices in Nebraska without waiting on hold or having people call you.  Shop plans an prices from several top insurance companies and apply online.

  2. Enter your information on the homepage:  Age, Gender, Tobacco User, and click submit.
  3. Enter your Name, Address, Phone, Number and click Next
  4. Make sure your information is accurate, if it is click “See Available Rates”
  5. Look at your Medicare Prices from several companies.  The most affordable plan will be highlighted in red.

Our services and resources are completely free of charge.

There aren’t a lot of places you can go to have someone review your prescription drug coverage.

Option 2.  Call us to get  affordable Nebraska Medigap Prices.  Free.

  • 402-805-4626
  • Toll-Free 1-855-594-0237

A licensed Nebraska Medicare insurance specialist will answer any quest you have and give you quotes.  We’re licensed with over 30 insurance companies and will get you the lowest priced Medicare insurance.

Best Option 3.  Make an appointment with a Medicare Insurance Specialist. Free.

With over 30 years of experience, be educated on Medicare, learn about insurance plans, and find insurance companies in Nebraska.  Call to make an appointment at a time and place that’s most convenient for you.  Receive free help from one of the nations top Medicare insurance specialist.

What happens in an appointment:

  1. 10 minutes:  Introductions
  2. 30 minutes: Education about Medicare and we help you through the process of signing-up for Medicare through Social Security.  Learn about Medigap health insurance plans (and prescription drug coverage*) available in the state of Nebraska.
  3. 30 minutes:  Evaluation of needs and prices from insurance companies.  View and review affordable prices and plans from 30 private insurance companies.  Compare your current health insurance premium and start
  4. 20 minutes:  Enroll into a plan that you’re comfortable and confident with.

Our office is located at:

301 S. 70th Street #126
Lincoln, NE 68510

Get Driving Directions to Retirement Transitions.


If you’re interested in being shown your options for Prescription drug coverage and Medicare advantage in the state of Nebraska, please give us a call at 402-805-4626.  Receive prescription drug help in Nebraska from a specialist and not a volunteer.  A lot of people seek free help from “volunteers.”  The truth is, if both cost the same (free) wouldn’t you rather work with a specialist who has years of experience.

It’s time you take control of the rising health insurance cost.  Start saving money by comparing affordable Medicare insurance rates in Nebraska with excellent benefits.  No more worrying about running out of money.

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