Lincoln Nebraska Medicare Supplement Prices: Plan F

See Medigap Plan F rates in Lincoln Nebraska and find the best Medicare Supplement Price

If you’re turning 65 or 65 and older and live in Lincoln Nebraska, this post is very important.  Paying too much for a Medicare supplement plan is not uncommon.  Individuals make the mistake of only comparing prices from a couple of companies.  There are several major insurance companies who offer the Nebraska Medicare Supplement Plans in Lincoln, NE.

If you weren’t shown all of your options when you first applied for your current plan, it’s not too late to switch.  We’ve found that most people were only shown a couple Medigap options before applying for their policy.

Our goal is to make residents, who’re are Medicare eligible, lower their cost for insurance and keep the same benefits.  We believe in letting you access Nebraska Medicare Supplement Plan F prices without the hassle.

Listed below you’ll find the best Medigap Plan F rates in Lincoln Nebraska.  We selected the best price for each male and female’s age.  Remember, this is for Lincoln, NE only.  Prices for Medicare Insurance depend on zip codes.  If you don’t use tobacco, refer to the first diagram where it’s marked as “Non Tobacco Rates.”  If you’re a tobacco user, refer to the rate comparison chart for “Tobacco Rates.”  We took the best prices for non tobacco users and the best rates for tobacco users.  Multiple insurance companies were used in gathering the best Medicare Supplement prices in Lincoln, NE.

The rates are dated 04/01/2014.  Rates have changed. For the most accurate Medigap price, we have an online quote engine (Nebraska residents only) that will give your supplemental prices instantly.

There’s household discounts available from certain carriers who offer Medicare Supplement Plan F in Lincoln.  The rates below nor the Medigap quote engine will have the discounted price listed.  Call 1-855-594-0237 to see if you qualify for a Medicare Supplement discounted price.

See the Best Medicare Supplement Plan F Rates for non tobacco people in Lincoln Nebraska:

See the Best Medigap Prices in Lincoln Nebraska Medigap Plan F rates are for Lincoln Nebraska residents only.  Individuals must be turning 65 or already 65 and have Medicare Part A and Part B.  Rates have changed.

Give Kelly Owens a call.  Kelly’s a Medicare Insurance Specialist with over 23 years of experience.  Call 402-805-4626 for an appointment with Kelly Owens in Lincoln Nebraska.  Her insurance services are at no cost and no obligation!

 Medicare Supplement Plan F Prices for Tobacco Users in Lincoln, NE:

Find the best Medigap rates for tobacco users in Lincoln NebraskaRates are for the Medigap Plan F Tobacco Users in Lincoln, NE.  Prices are subject to change and not set in concrete.  Give me, Dan Owens a call at 402-805-4626 to setup an appointment in Nebraska.  My services do not cost.  I have 11 years of experience and strive to provide the best service and save you as much money as possible.

We’re appointed only with major carriers with a strong financial background.  One of the biggest differences between Medigap plans and insurance companies, is the price you pay.  The coverage for each specific Medigap Plan F in Nebraska is exactly the same from one company to the next.

Retirement Transitions is a licensed Nebraska insurance agency. We consider ourselves advocates for seniors on Medicare.  With over 30 years of experience, use our trusted knowledge to find the best rates in Nebraska.  We’re located in Lincoln and willing to meet with you to help you save money on your Medicare supplement insurance.  If you’re not available during the day, give us a call to make an evening appointment.

If you live outside Lincoln, give us a call at 1-855-594-0237 or compare prices online with our Medigap Plan F Quote Engine.

We’re not endorsed or employed by the federal Medicare program or the United States government.  We are an independent family- run insurance agency representing seniors in the state of Nebraska.


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  1. Good article Dan. Lincoln Nebraska residents need to compare their Medigap premiums continuously because the coverage for a Plan F Medicare Supplement Plan doesn’t change between the insurance companies.

  2. I like how you are willing to meet me any time to discuss Medicare coverage. I also like that you are able to find me the best Medicare supplement. Thank you!

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