Omaha Nebraska Medicare Supplement Prices: Plan F

See the Best Omaha Nebraska Medicare Supplement Prices and find Your Medigap Insurance Plan F Rate

Getting Medicare supplement prices in Omaha, NE can be confusing if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for.  See the best Medigap rates for Plan F below.  We compiled the table by running a quote from all of the companies we’re appointed with.  We then selected the best price for each age and gender.  Now it’s possible to see the best Medicare supplement prices in Omaha Nebraska.

Medigap Prices – The Plan F

There are 10 Medicare supplement plans available in Nebraska.  Medicare supplemental F provides the most comprehensive coverage out of the 10 standardized plans.  Seniors purchase this policy to cover all the gaps of Medicare-approved amounts.  We have more seniors apply for a Medicare Supplement Plan F than any other policy.  Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in Omaha and decide which plan is best for you.

Medicare Supplemental Prices – Insurance Companies

There are multiple insurance companies who offer Medicare supplements in Omaha, NE.  Selecting a company to purchase a plan from isn’t as difficult as it used to be.  No more calling each company to get a supplemental price quote.  We’ve developed a quote engine that will instantly give you real-time Medicare Supplemental Prices from top insurance companies.  Going with a “well-known” or popular insurance company won’t get you the best Medicare Supplement Insurance coverage.

Nebraska Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans are standardized.  That means that each specific plan must have the same benefits no matter which company you purchase a policy from.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Price – Premium Rates

Since the plans are standardized, the biggest difference between insurance companies is the price you pay for the policy.  To get the best Medigap rates in Omaha, compare prices from many different companies.  You have three options to easily see your personal Medigap prices in Omaha.

  1. Look Below. We researched rates from numerous insurance companies to find the best Medicare Supplement Prices for each age, gender, tobacco user or not, and zip code.
  2. Get a Free Quote Online.  We have an online “Medigap Quoting Tool” that’s available to not only Omaha, but the entire state of Nebraska.  See and compare prices in your area online instantly.
  3. Contact Us.  Speak with an unbiased licensed Nebraska Medicare Insurance Specialist.  Call 1-855-594-0237 and we’ll give you Medigap prices over the phone.  If you would like to setup an appointment in Omaha, we will come to you.


All of Retirement Transitions’ services are at No Cost and No Obligation.

We’re dedicated to helping seniors get the best insurance coverage at the most affordable price.  You won’t find better Medicare Insurance Services in the state of Nebraska.


Non Tobacco Plan F Prices in Omaha Nebraska Ages 65-75

65 $102.50 $117.83
66 $107.00 $118.75
67 $107.00 $118.75
68 $111.83 $124.17
69 $116.25 $129.00
70 $120.92 $134.26
71 $125.83 $139.58
72 $130.83 $145.25
73 $134.67 $149.58
74 $138.75 $154.00
75 $142.92 $158.67

*Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F prices are for individuals in Omaha, NE on Medicare Part A and B, 65-75, and non tobacco users.  Medigap Plan F Rates are dated 04/04/2014 and have changed. 


If you’re older than 75, run a quote online or call 1-855-594-0237.


Tobacco Plan F Rates in Omaha NE Ages 65-75

65 $118.92 $132.08
66 $118.92 $132.08
67 $118.92 $132.08
68 $124.33 $138.00
69 $129.33 $143.58
70 $134.50 $149.33
71 $139.83 $155.25
72 $145.42 $161.42
73 $149.83 $166.33
74 $154.25 $171.33
75 $158.92 $176.41

*Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan F rates are for individuals in Omaha, NE on Medicare Part A and B, 65-75, and tobacco users.  Plan F Rates are dated 04/04/2014 and have changed. 



If you’re older than 75, run a Medigap quote online or call 1-855-594-0237.  Make an appointment in Omaha Nebraska by giving us a call.  Evening appointments are available.

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  1. David in Omaha

    Thanks for the Medicare supplement prices. I went to seminars in Omaha Nebraska and tried to get Medicare insurance rates and it was difficult. I knew what the plan F is, just needed the rates. I waited two days from the time I ran a supplemental insurance quote online and they held true that you won’t receive any calls. I just enrolled into the plan P with a major insurance company, Retirement Transitions made it so quick and easy. Thanks again Dan.

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